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Jenkins tutorials for beginners
Jenkins tutorials for beginners

What is Jenkins?

DevFest Sri Lanka is an event organized by the GDG team annually. From here we can gain knowledge with hands-on experience of their interest in Google products. Due to the COVID, 19 pandemic this year they do the Event Virtual and hand on Experiences were presented in Qwiklabs. Here I will be talking about the experience with #CloudKasthiram 2020

What is Cloud Kasthiram?


LInk for DevFest Sri Lanka 2020 Virtual session — DevFest Sri Lanka 2020


Deep Learning

Recurrent Neural Networks

10 Best Programming Languages

how does the Kubernetes networking work

Git Commands
git init
git clone <repository_host>
git add <filename>, git add *
git checkout -- <filename>
git commit -m “Commit message”

Ashan Lakmal

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