My Experience with #CloudKasthiram 2020

DevFest Sri Lanka is an event organized by the GDG team annually. From here we can gain knowledge with hands-on experience of their interest in Google products. Due to the COVID, 19 pandemic this year they do the Event Virtual and hand on Experiences were presented in Qwiklabs. Here I will be talking about the experience with #CloudKasthiram 2020

What is Cloud Kasthiram?


Every year they have organized a session day and a workshop day. So for this year, they conduct the season through virtual. This was the first time in GDG they took a session in virtual.

DevFest Sri Lanka 2020 began on 16th October following a keynote and sessions on GCP, Knative, ML, and more topics. At the end of the sessions, the event #CloudKasthiram was announced.

LInk for DevFest Sri Lanka 2020 Virtual session — DevFest Sri Lanka 2020

So every year they come up with some hands-on experience about GCP. This year they introduce Qwiklabs. Here they give us a one-month subscription for the task they given in the #CloudKasthira. Basically, #CloudKasthiram is a challenge that is based on the Google Cloud Platform organized by GDG Sri Lanka. The challenge was to complete only 6 quests of 11 quests which were provided by the CloudKasthiram team within the given time period.

After completing the 6 quests given from the GDG Sri Lanka we have to submit our Qwiklabs public profile URL and the details ours. Finally, they give us an awesome SWAG pack including a google cloud T-shirt and some sticker badges.


Let’s talk about My experience In #CloudKasthiram

So first I register on the #CloudKasthiram and get the guidelines from the GDG Sri Lanka. Once I get the guidelines from that I have successfully got the one-month unlimited access for Qwiklabs. These are the all quests in #CloudKasthiram.

11 quests #CloudKasthiram.

So let’s discuss the 6 Quests that I have completed in Qwiklabs.

  1. Getting started: Create and Manage Cloud Resources.
Hands-on labs in this quest

In this quest, they mainly focus on the Create and Manage the GCP. They give us a brief introduction to the GCP. From writing Cloud Shell commands and deploying your first virtual machine, to running applications on Kubernetes Engine or with load balancing, Getting Started: Create and Manage Cloud Resources is a prime introduction to the basic features of Google Cloud. And finally, you can get the badge that completes the quest.

2. Machine Learning API

It’s no secret that machine learning is one of the fastest-growing fields in tech, and Google Cloud has been instrumental in furthering its development. With a host of APIs, Google Cloud has a tool for just about any machine learning job. In this advanced-level quest, you will get hands-on practice with machine learning APIs by taking labs like Detect Labels, Faces, and Landmarks in Images with the Cloud Vision API.

3. Deploy the Kubernetes in Google Cloud

Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration system, and Google Kubernetes Engine was designed specifically to support managed Kubernetes deployments in Google Cloud. In this advanced-level quest, you will get hands-on practice configuring Docker images, containers, and deploying fully-fledged Kubernetes Engine applications. This quest will teach you the practical skills needed for integrating container orchestration into your own workflow.

4. Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud

You will get practical experience through labs that dive into Cloud Storage and other key application services like Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Functions. By taking this quest, you will develop valuable skills that are applicable to any Google Cloud initiative.

5. Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs

You’ll learn how to set up a billing account, organize resources, and manage billing access permissions. In the hands-on labs, you’ll learn how to view your invoice, track your Google Cloud costs with Billing reports, analyze your billing data with BigQuery or Google Sheets, and create custom billing dashboards with Data Studio.

6. Implement DevOps in Google Cloud

DevOps is an organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. In this quest, you will learn how to use Google Cloud to improve the speed, stability, availability, and security of your software delivery capability.

So these are the 6 quests that I have done in the #CloudKasthiram.So from this link, you can see my profile in Qwiklabs.

What have I learned here?

From this Event, I have learned lots of new things. The basics of the GCP and how to handle the shell command. Also, the machine learning API quest help me to do my research well. Also these days I working on Kubernetes. From this, I gained lots of knowledge of the Kubernetes. Also, I have enrolled in many quests to gain more knowledge from Qwiklabs. In here, Some quests there have challenge labs. Those help me to get more knowledge to learn individually. And for the Kubernetes, I have completed the extra quest in Kubernetes called Kubernetes in Google Cloud. This also helps me a lot to get some idea about what is Kubernetes.

It’s a good move by the GDG Sri Lanka to help developers to gain their knowledge of Hands-on labs. Also now I currently enrolled with Cloud Development quest.

Finally, It a Great opportunity to part of the #CloudKasthiram. And I have learned lots of things through the virtual event and Qwiklabs(hands-on labs). So now the challenge already over. But there has an event next year also. Try to participate in the Event and gained some new knowledge of Cloud technologies. Thank you GDG team for organizing the event, and giving me the opportunity to share the experience. For newcomers stay tuned with the GDG Sri Lanka. Thank you!.

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